10 Ways to Motivate Yourself When Learning English.

From English101.com. This is a review for me. I like number 1, 4, 6, 8 and 10.
To be honest, I want English friends more. If you are interested in me, tell me about it, please.

  1. Imagine that one day you will live in the United States.
  2. Study other aspects of the culture to make it more rewarding to study English.
  3. Finding funny words in English.
  4. To make friends with people who speak English.
  5. Watching Youtube videos of other people who have successfully learned English.
  6. Watching English movies and TV shows and enjoying the feeling when you can understand a word or sentence.
  7. Reading English news articles, blogs and magazines to get a feel tor formal and casual language.
  8. After dinner, write about your day in a journal in English.
  9. Practice with flashcards of useful words and phrases for 15 minutes every day on the train.
  10. Thank everyone and anyone who corrects your English.