Top 20 Travel Phrases That You Should Know.

I think that the key point is imagination. We should image the scene that we travel abroad.

Especially, I want to remember the number 9. I mistake my order sometimes because I am practicing English now.

  1. Do you have any recommendation?
  2. How much is this?
  3. I’d like this.
  4. Can I try this on?
  5. Do you speak English?
  6. I have a reservation.
  7. Water, please.
  8. Do you take credit cards?
  9. This isn’t what I ordered.
  10. Could we have the menu, please?
  11. Could you give me a discount?
  12. Do you have any vegetarian dishes?
  13. Could you take a picture of me, please?
  14. I’m allergic to…
  15. Is the Wi-Fi free?
  16. I’d like to have a non-smoking seat, please.
  17. Could I get a map?
  18. Could I have the check?
  19. Where is the bathroom?
  20. Is this the train for…?
    Is this the train that goes …?
    Is this the train bounds for …?

If you want to check more, please watch the Youtube movie!