Top 10 Words for Connecting Thoughts

From I like number 1.

  1. also
    -> I went to the store this morning also I went and got coffee.
  2. however
    -> I love Tonkotsu Ramen, however, it is very high in calories, so I don’t eat it often.
  3. on the other hand
  4. still
  5. then
  6. besides
  7. meanwhile or in the meantime
    -> I was working at my office all week last week, meanwhile… my co-workers across town were… having a party without me.
  8. likewise
  9. instead
    -> I want to have Chinese food, instead of Italian food last night.
    -> I should have drank a lot of water this morning but instead I drank a lot coffee.
  10. in addition
    -> Our new marketing plan worked really well last month, we noticed increase sales in product A, in addition, we have gained a lot of new customers.